amiamusica goes viral on YouTube!

Wow! What happened? Two years ago we shared a video on YouTube with Ellie singing for her little brother who was born prematurely. Their mother wrote a short blog for amiamusica and the wonderful video is showing all the love [...]

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Magic music moment with premature children singing

What a challenging year 2020 has been. Let us face forward with hope and confidence. We are grateful for all the heartwarming contributions this year, all the contributions and music with and for families of preterm infants. Thus, amiamusica [...]

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Time together – a program to support parents of preterm babies in hospitals

How do we help parents feel confident in their role as their baby’s primary carer and nurturer? And, how can music therapists make what they know, acceptable and user-friendly for parents? To adress these two key concerns, Helen Shoemark, [...]

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Sharing moments of joy for parents with premature infants

It has been a while since our last blog post. We have been busy preparing exciting stuff, so stay tuned! In the meantime, Magdalena, a member of amiamusica’s board, shares encouraging moments of her life with her prematurely born daughter [...]

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Lieblingslied 3 «When the time has come»

Moving and touching songs. Empowering and motivating songs. Here is one of our favorite tunes. And a catchy tune as well. This time on air: The father of a preterm child and musician Nils Burri with a song from his recent [...]

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