Have you seen the new face of the Department of Neonatology at the University Hospital in Zurich? The Anouk Foundation colored the entrance, family rooms, outpatient clinic, and central corridor. Their beautiful and family-friendly paintings have created a welcoming and soothing atmosphere that families and staff appreciate daily!

Fruitful teamwork of parents, staff & artists

The Anouk Foundation developed, in close collaboration with parents, doctors, nurses, and therapists of the neonatal unit, a colorful landscape to improve parental orientation, welcome, atmosphere, and work environment. Two professional Anouk-trained artists, Carole and Kata, worked on the ward for three weeks. It was delightful and inspiring for families and staff to have these excellent painters around.

Benefits for parents and staff

A project analysis was completed 3 months after completion by the USZ team and the return is fabulous:

  • ​Improved stay of patients and visitors (100%)
  • Improved atmosphere (100%)
  • Improved visiual stimulation (80%)
  • Improved orientation (80%)
  • Improved work environment (100%)

The octopus in colour and sound

The family room painting ware inspired by amiamusica`s songbook „Mit dem Octopus ins Liedermeer“. QR codes were placed next to the murals in the parent rooms. This gives parents easy access to the songs created by amiamusica, and allows families easily access to listen to the songs with their baby or sing along while in the family rooms.

​Thanks to this innovative approach from Dr. Friederike Haslbeck the project associates the visual and the auditive senses!

This project could be accomplished thanks to the generosity of an anonymous project sponsor.

We thank Dr. Friederike Haslbeck for this great collaboration and Dr. Petra Kern for bringing us together. Thanks to Takeda for their support in realizing this valuable project. We are excited to continue to work with amiamusica!

Vanessa von Richter with the whole Anouk Foundation team