Wow! What happened? Two years ago we shared a video on YouTube with Ellie singing for her little brother who was born prematurely. Their mother wrote a short blog for amiamusica and the wonderful video is showing all the love Ellie has for Max. Magically, 10 days ago, the video went viral – and so did its message of love, hope and happiness. Perfect in such challenging times right now. Have you ever heard of «Skidamarink a dink, a dink»? Find out more about how people experience our message of the healing powers of music and singing on YouTube.

A video full of love, hope and happiness

Have you seen the video? If not, please do. Ellie singing for her little brother Max is heart-warming. She sings for him, claps her hands and embraces her brother with all her love using only her voice. What a role model and inspiring example of bonding during challenging times. Ellie also demonstrates the healing powers of music. This truly is a magic music moment.

Amazing comments on YouTube

Fascinating development. For nearly two years, Ellie’s song was a hidden treasure in amiamusica’s YouTube channel. Almost overnight, it went viral and comments kept pouring in. They clearly show that our mission is on the way and our platform has impact. As of midst February 2021, the number of viewers of this video is rapidly growing (more than 82’000 so far).

But far more importantly than the number of viewers are their comments. People are so touched by Ellie’s singing and clearly feel the power of this magic music moment. Here are some examples what viewers are saying.

«singing is medicine»

Eileen’s comment underlines the value of music as an element of family-centered care in the NICU. And gratefulness that this approach is used at the Zurich University Hospital, where Ellie was allowed to sing for Max in intermediate care (prior to Covid-19). And Aunt B adds our idea of music as a healing force in neonatal care.

«Such an uplifting video. When my 32 weeker granddaughter was in PICU a volunteer used to come in and play his guitar for the babies there. The staff would lower the lights to help relax the little ones. I thought that was such a beautiful and healing thing to do»

Sarah Glynn

«role model & social conscience»

This comment from RoyalSnowbird points-out Ellie’s impressive role modeling as a loving sister. Despite the noisy environment and people watching she is focused on her little brother and demonstrates social skills that few kids her age have. Very encouraging and an excellent observation by this viewer.

«grandparents love it»

Sarah Glynn has a grandchild that was born prematurely. She has experienced the benefits when there is music as a healing source in neonatal care and her comment reflects the motivating impact of our video message

«🎶 Skidamarink a dink, a dink Skidamarink a do. I love you! 🎶 heard that clear as day!!!»

Jamie White

«She sounds like Boo from Monsters Inc»

Rheanna DeHaven

«Skidamarink & Monsters Inc.»

There are very funny comments, too. Have you seen Monsters Inc.? A must-have Pixar movie. One of the main characters is a gorgeous little girl named Boo. Rheanna pointed that out immediately.

Also hilarous is Jamie White’s comment of what nobody has noticed so far: the lyrics of Ellie’s song. She is singing about a «Skidamarink» – what might that be?! A cozy animal snuggling with children while they sleep and singing them a song?

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How did you like Ellie’s video? Do you have uplifting clips of your kids you want to share with others? Let us know, it would be great to add more empowering examples how music helps in neonatal care and at home. Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

P.S. We respect childrens‘ rights and take digital parenting seriously. Please only share what you consider helpful for others respecting your child’s privacy.

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