What a challenging year 2020 has been. Let us face forward with hope and confidence. We are grateful for all the heartwarming contributions this year, all the contributions and music with and for families of preterm infants. Thus, amiamusica wants to share another magic musical moment for prematurely born children and their parents all over the world.

We share with you a video with children singing Christmas songs for all those who are now in the hospital. Wait and watch until you see the special love they send to them and all of us. So touching and super cute!

Merry Christmas – seasonal greetings from amiamusica

The traditional christmas songs shall comfort you in these challenging times. These children wish you happy holidays, health and joy. They send you their music, greetings and kisses. They send their heartwarming music message particularly to all babies, parents, patients, nurses, doctors and other health professionals who have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Thank you so much for this wonderful message of love and music!

Happy holidays!

Please feel free to share our video to loved ones and parents as well as children who may enjoy it. And let us know what christmas songs you like! And make sure to stay in touch by using our newsletter.


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