Can you imagine to sing for someone when everything around you is noisy and technical? When other people are talking which might disturb you? Could you then channel all your emotions and love for that person into one song? Want to find out how? Watch Ellie singing for her little preemie brother Max. Our thanks go to the Chong family for this lovely Christmas song and empowering message for other parents. Seasonal greetings everybody!

«music is the best way to tell someone she or he is being loved»

«My son Max was born prematurely and I spent quite a long time with him in the NICU at the University Hospital Zurich. Everyday I talked to him via singing songs. His older sister Ellie has a long ‚favorite song list‘. We think that singing to Max gave him the best support. It is also the best way to let him know how much he is being loved. Day by day, song by song, we created a strong bonding in our family.»

Video: Ellie singing for Max, kindly contributed by the Chong Family – all rights reserved © 2018

«bittersweet memories make families stronger…»

«Max is now two years old. And he starts to sing and dance with Ellie. They are just too adorable together and really warm our hearts.

Special thanks to Dr Haslbeck’s care, guidance and courage during our hospital stay.»

«Our best wishes to all the parents who are fighting with their precious preemie. Believe in yourself and your brave baby, the hard times will be gone and what will be left behind are those bittersweet memories, which make the whole family stronger! With lots of love and big hugs from the Chong family.»