It has been a while since our last blog post. We have been busy preparing exciting stuff, so stay tuned! In the meantime, Magdalena, a member of amiamusica’s board, shares encouraging moments of her life with her prematurely born daughter Matylda. Music had and has a major impact on the family. And the experience of premature birth has changed the family’s perspective on life. See for yourself.

A miracle happened

Looking at my daughter I have a living proof that miracles happen. From day one, her spirit was to live and enjoy the beauty of this world. When we see her grow and enjoy her moments our hearts are filled with joy and happy tears.

She went a long road to get to this moment! She is our happiness. And we would like to share our positive experience with other parents who are just starting this challenging journey.

«Moments of joy and love as family – and with music!» | Video material © Magdalena Malinowska

Music and love

As we say – everything happens for a reason. Thanks to our daughter, today, we see little things that mean more than anything in our lives! She loves wind in her hair. She loves music (thanks to music therapy). She loves us :)))).

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