Moving and touching songs. Empowering and motivating songs. Here is one of our favorite tunes. And a catchy tune as well. This time on air: The father of a preterm child and musician Nils Burri with a song from his recent album «Superman» © 2018 – Is this the first-ever song on parents‘ experiences with premature birth, coping with the loss of a twin child and on neonatal care?! In his blog, Nils wrote that he has dedicated this song to the team of the neonatal care unit of the Inselspital Berne, Switzerland.

Check out Nil’s website to listen to the song. A song on how to deal with grief and to be grateful for all the help and life-saving support provided by the neonatal care team

«It’s time to say thank you for everything, what you have done for us. More than 100 days to get back on the way, to forget what we’ve lost. I don’t know when – but I try to give something back, someday.

It was hard to fight without a light, sleepless, so many nights. The tears made me blind. It was not wasted time, and finally we are feeling fine, no shadows in our mind.

And when the time has come, through the dust we’ll see the sun. Even if we lost someone, we know: we’ve got a beautiful – we’ve got a beautiful son…»

Nils Burri