Your own music, the music from your culture, your family, your partnership, your favorite music:

  • Have you listened to music during pregnancy, which your infant could already know?
  • Or have you sung or played some music?

  • Have you sung lullabies or children songs with siblings?

  • Do you have a favorite song in your partnership or parenthood?

  • Do you remember children songs or lullabies that you liked when you were a child?

You can hum and sing these songs simply, calm, quietly and slow. Or just hum the refrain or little pieces of these songs. Repeat and hum with flowing breath and a free natural voice like in the following video:

When you hum or sing during kangaroo-care your infant can hear your voice, smell your scent and feel the vibrations of your voice. You can relax by breathing deeply and fluently as well. You can get attached to your infant by communicating with your voice and touch and by creating you own room of meeting.